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Toy puppies tend to use up a lot of energy quickly and should have at least a half of teaspoon of white Karo syrup added to their water. This will help count out the possibility of a low blood sugar reaction (convulsions or coma).
Our puppies eat a mixture of  several  brands  of puppy food  when you get puppy home and put on your choice of puppy food  mix 50/50 of food I send home and food you decide to use  this helps make the adjustment without  getting  a up set stomach. do so until the puppy gets adjusted to the new food. Keep a bowl of dry puppy food out at all times with a bowl of fresh Karo water.yougart is good to give when bring a puppy home it help settle their stomach
Favorite foods that puppies like are; boiled dark chicken with rice,  any good brand of chicken  or lamb . Also, you can give kaopectate for diarrhea  , can pumpkin is really good for diarrhea too  you can  give half a baby aspirin for fever or if puppy is teething and acts like it doesn’t feel good. No dark chocolate hot dogs or pork


This puppy has been examined before being offered for sale and is to the best of my knowledge, healthy ( by this I mean no serious health problems). However, for this warranty to be effective you must meet the following conditions:
-Take your pet to a veterinarian within forty-eight hours of purchase.
– Notify me immediately of any life threatening conditions found.
– Provide a written statement from the vet as to his findings.
– I will obtain a second opinion from a veterinarian of my choice and will provide a written statement from the vet confirming the condition of the puppy. Please note that: under no circumstances am I responsible for any expense incurred by you. If you meet all the said conditions and both veterinarians have found the puppy to have a life threatening condition that can not be treated, a replacement will be given. If no replacement is available, a full refund will be given. This warranty does not cover ear mites, ear infections, coccidiosis , worms ECT.
This warranty does not guarantee the size of this puppy as how large or how small it will be when his or her maturity is reached. This warranty expires after forty-eight hours from the time of purchase.
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